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Need help? +233 260 746 354


We didn’t quite know what we had gotten ourselves into when we started selling coloured socks back in 2013.
We were fascinated by the fact that socks could be so cool, so we decided to sell a few pairs to friends and family, and the momentum hasn’t slowed down ever since.

Quality Over Quantity

When we started out, Accra was already awash with socks but they were what they have always been – cheap quality socks. So we sought to be different and looked at cities across the world where we could bring in good quality socks for the customers we had in mind. The name Socks Hub began the process. But soon afterwards, the tagline, Pamper Your Feet was coined. And this really projected and sold us to our target audience

The Vision won't change

Our commitment to retail high quality, fashion socks is even greater today. We know the customer is able to read between the lines, and would always choose good value. We have therefore become home to the widest range of lovely, colourful pairs, which come in unique designs and patterns to meet every taste.

With You All the Way

Today, we are happy to mention that we are spreading our reach with bespoke retail stands in several outlets across the country. Cheers to Pamper Your Feet for bringing comfort to your feet!.

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